Can feeding be ‘comfort compatible?’

See how it works:

One of the thing that makes the early days with a newborn so challenging, regardless of how you choose to feed, is the frequency and duration of feeds. If baby isn’t sleeping, they will either be feeding or letting you know that they want to be! Therefore, much of the advice surrounds ensuring the caregiver is comfortable: mobile and TV remotes to hand, snacks and drinks on standby and in a relaxed position. To further aid comfort during these prolonged periods of sitting feeding, there are also a number of cushions on the market. When my son was born, I invested in a round, c-shape one. However, this was the source of immense frustration because baby kept falling down between the cushion and my tummy, and eventually I gave up and put his head in the crook of my arm and cradled him to maintain the position (for both breast and bottle feeding).
Unlike my son, my daughter has been exclusively breastfed, and therefore in the early days, was feeding at even more frequent intervals than my combination fed son. I had already decided not to bother with the c-shaped cushion as I had such little luck with it previously, and would instead simply use a square shaped decorative cushion from the sofa for my own comfort and to raise her a little higher up to be closer to me for nursing. However, these now aren’t quite as pristine as they once were (as you can imagine!) and not ideal for transporting. Although I wish I had discovered it earlier, I am happy to say I have now discovered a much more suitable alternative: the Hush Cush.
The Hush Cush has the perfect level of ‘plumpness’ (unlike the lounge cushions!) to raise the baby to the exact height needed for nursing (or a more comfortable height for feeding from a bottle). And, unlike a normal cushion, you slip your arm through the Hush Cush, so that there is cushioning above your arm (for baby’s head to rest on, bringing it closer to the breast, or your arm level for bottle feeding, plus aiding baby’s comfort) and below (to cushion your arm and elbow so you aren’t having to hold it (and the baby) up in the air and getting an achey arm). This has made nursing a much more comfortable process, and is particularly appreciated for those early hours feeds!
As well as the cushion itself being infinitely more suited to feeding than any of the makeshift alternatives I came up with (!), you can choose an outer cover to suit your tastes which is washable and tumble-dryer compatible. My daughter sometimes struggles to cope with a forceful letdown and consequently quite a bit of milk drips down her face…need I say more?
If you don’t want to be parted from it, the Hush Cush features a handy clip so you can attach it to your pushchair for those on-the-go feeds (it’s just like having a little bag attached). They have literally thought of everything!

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