What to do with the time?

I write to you now, for the first time, having enjoyed a leisurely lunch, child-free. There wasn’t much to choose from as I haven’t got round to doing the shopping as yet, but a Pot Noodle enjoyed for the first time on your own in peace and quiet can be truly savoured, I have discovered. The children are having a whale of a time with their grandparents and will want for nothing during their time apart from me. I could continue the relaxation and catch up on some much-needed sleep, and maybe even have a bath in peace if I wish…unheard of! But I would probably only get irritated by the fact it needs cleaning. Perhaps I could do that first. Then maybe tidy the toys away without someone immediately deciding that is the very toy they would like to play with at this second…and they would stay put away. It really would be a waste of an opportunty if I didn’t do that and it would aid my relaxation to see everything in order when I come downstairs after the bath. And then just do a quick tidy of the kitchen so it’s ready for making tea tonight. I should put some washing on beforehand so that can be happening whilst I do it to make the most of the time: after all, it’s not me actually doing the washing; I simply have to load it. And the dishwasher. And I could have the handwashing in a bowl soaking too otherwise they will have grown out of those handknitted cardigans before I have had the opportunity to wash them. Speaking of outgrown clothes, I should probably sort out all the piles of outgrown clothes currently cluttering their wardrobes into their respective size groups, ready to be stored or given away. That would make it easier to find the clothes that fit in the morning, as I will be able to see more easily the possible options knowing that everything in there actually fits (tomorrow we are going to visit a mummy friend (hooray)). As well as ensuring they have clothing ready, I will need to make sure I have restocked the changing bag with everything I might need for it. In fact, the new nappies I will need will be arriving any minute (I order them online as it is usually cheapest). Such a lot of packaging: I will need to tear it all up or fold it down on arrival ready for recycling before it takes over the house and adds to the mess. As I take the recycling out, I should probably empty the kitchen bin at the same time (it fills up so quickly!) and that will save me a job later. Speaking of things filling up quickly, the children are changing every day and my phone’s storage is completely full with pictures that need to be downloaded and categorised (along with obligatory backing up x 3 at least) and until I’ve done it I can’t take any more pictures! Mummy guilt for missing important milestones begins to creep in. Oh no… that’s half an hour gone already. Speaking of half an hour…that clock has been displaying the same time for a week now without me having changed the battery; then it would at least accurately display how little time I have left…

Can anyone else relate?

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